Artist Statement

I work with natural substances and found objects: wood, bone, hair, dried plants and discarded mechanical parts. Combining disparate materials, I seek to create pieces that look as if they evolved spontaneously, free from artificiality or affectation. The work must feel inevitable to be convincing.


The process of making artwork is sensual in the strictest meaning of the word: it is intensely physical, indulging the appetite of the senses. Walnut dust smells sweet and darkly smoky; the wood finishes to a moody, melancholic richness. Ground bone stinks horribly, yet yields a softly glowing mottled ivory that feels buttery smooth in the hand. I engage in a dialog with the materials, trading careful treatment and fine craftsmanship for the right to let the media voice my ideas.

Much of my work centers on human foibles and idiosyncrasies. I often use humor to confront heavy issues in a lighthearted manner, noting the droll and occasionally farcical nature of our existence. The art is intended to attract and disquiet, to amuse and discomfit.

Artworks mark a journey through the fears, curiosities and pleasures of life. A piece is complete when the viewer and I pause together on that path in an act of joint imagination and understanding.